Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Randomness #160: Seven Virtues and Portland Central Library

We visited the Portland Central Library this last summer and I took a few pictures.
 One of the many pieces of art around the library.

 A row of music folios.

 More and more rows of music folios with sheet music for practically any instrument in a traditional orchestra (including voice) and some non-traditional instruments.

 The library has three floors.

 The pillars are painted wood, not real stone.

 Iron gates and wood doors at the front entrance.

 The stairs had etched designs including a treble clef sign.

 And a rolling pin!

 Mica and Daisy by the tree sculpture in the children's area.

 Seven Virtues is a coffee shop near one of our stops.

We got hot chocolate (with the cream heart design), whipped milk infused with lavender, and a berry crumble that was both gluten-free and vegan.  It was the best berry crumble I've ever tried.  We bought some extra to take with us.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Author #168 : Fantastic art on fantastic flowers! Stockdale is spectacular!

Susan Stockdale takes photos of real flowers and paints beautiful versions of them with acrylic paint. Fantastic Flowers is a gorgeous example of an artists' interpretation of the real world. You can visit Susan at her website: 

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Author #167 Mary Holland introduces Otis the Owl

This cute little guy is featured in Mary Holland's book, Otis The Owl.  He's a barred owl which is just one species of owl found in Oregon.  To learn more about Mary and her other animal books you can read this interview done by Deborah Kalb at that she posted in April 2017.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday Randomness #33 : 10 benefits of swimming

These 10 tips were posted at my pool a few months back and I asked if I could take pictures of them.  I justed wanted to be able to remember that regular exercise has hidden benefits which includes swimming and other forms of exercise.

1. Swimming improves muscle definition and strength.
 2. Swimming builds up bone mass.
 3. Swimming helps you stay flexible.

4. Swimming reduces inflammation.

5. Swimming holds its own for calories burned.

 6. Swimming can improve exercise-induced asthma.

7. Swimming lowers stress and depression.

8. Salt water swimming can be a beauty treatment for skin.

 9. Swimming can make you smarter.

10. Swimming may just lengthen your life.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Answers for movie quotes from July 16th post

A.      32 "...If The Pirates Of The Caribbean Breaks Down The Pirates Don't Eat The Tourists."
B.      59  “10,000 Years Will Give You Such a Crick In The Neck”
C.      13  “All It Takes Is Faith And Trust”
D.      3 “And I Guess That Was Your Accomplice In The Wood Chipper”
E.       7 or 22 “As You Wish”
F.       23 “Bond James Bond”
G.      68 “Carpe Diem Seize The Day Boys Make Your Lives Extraordinary”
H.      41 “Crom I Have Never Prayed To You Before I Have No Tongue For It No One Will Know If We Were Good Men Or Bad Why We Fought Or Why We Died But All That Matters Is That Two Stood Against Many I Know That Battle Please You Crom So Grant Me One Request Grant Me Revenge And If You Do Not Listen Then To H*%$ With You”
I.        34 “Do You Want To Build A Snowman”
J.        51 “Do-Re-Mi”
K.      58 “Dreams Feel Real While We’re In Them It’s Only When We Wake Up That We Realize Something Was Actually Strange”
L.       2 “E.T. Phone Home”
M.     50 “Frankly My Dear I Don’t Give A D*&%”
N.      16“Frying Pans Who Knew Right”
O.      19“Gentleman You Can’t Fight In Here This Is The War Room”
P.       36 “Good Morning And In Case I Don’t See Ya Good Afternoon Good Evening And Goodnight”
Q.      14“Good Morning Vietnam”
R.      55 “Heigh Ho Heigh Ho It’s Home From Work We Go”           
S.       7 or 22 “Hello My Name Is Inigo Montoya You Killed My Father Prepare To Die”
T.       61 “Here’s Another Curse For You May All Your Bacon Burn”
U.      64 “Here’s Looking At You Kid”
V.      8 “Houston We Have A Problem”
W.     70 “I Am A Leaf On The Wind Watch How I Soar”
X.      18 “I Am Groot”
Y.      47 “I Can Teach You How To Bewitch The Mind And Ensnare The Senses I Can Tell You How To Bottle Fame Brew Glory And Even Put A Stopper In Death.”
Z.       39 “I Know What You’re Thinking  Did He Fire Six Shots Or Only Five  Well To Tell You The Truth In All This Excitement I’ve Kind Of Lost Track Myself But Being As This Is A .44 Magnum The Most Powerful Handgun In The World And Would Blow Your Head Clean Off You’ve Got To Ask Yourself One Question Do I Feel Lucky Well Do Ya Punk”
AA.   43 “I See Dead People”
BB.  27 “I Was Hiding Under Your Porch Because I Love You”
CC.  69 “I’ll Be Back”
DD.  53 “I’m Flying Jack”
EE.   42 or 24 “I’m Not A Smart Man But I Know What Love Is”
FF.    21 “I’m Not Bad I’m Just Drawn That Way”
GG.  28 “If It Bleeds We Can Kill It”
HH. 5 “If You Build It He Will Come”
II.      4 “If You Can’t Say Somethin Nice Don’t Say Nothin At All”
JJ.      56 “It’s Another Disease We Don’t Have In Moscow    Starvation”
KK.  49 “Just Keep Swimming”
LL.   63 “Life Moves Pretty Fast If You Don’t Stop And Look Around Once In Awhile You Could Miss It”
MM.                       6 or 65  “May The Force Be With You”
NN.  1 “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal”         
OO.   24 or 42 “My Mama Always Said Life Was Like A Box Of Chocolates You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get”
PP.    17 “My Precious”
QQ.  12 “Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner”
RR.  44 “Now Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me”
SS.    37 “Please Sir I Want Some More”
TT.   33 “Resistance Is Futile”
UU.  15 “Roads Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads”
VV.   26 “Snakes Why Did It Have To Be Snakes”
WW.                       54 “So Let It Be Written So Let It Be Done”
XX.   38 “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”
YY.   40 “Take Your Stinkin Paws Off Me You D*%$ Dirty Ape”
ZZ.    10 “That’ll Do Pig That’ll Do”
AAA.                     30 “The Flower That Blooms In Adversity Is The Most Rare And Beautiful Of All”
BBB.                     31 “There Can Be Only One”          
CCC.                     45 “They’re Here”
DDD.                     67 “This Drink I Like It Another”
EEE.                       29 “This is Sparta”
FFF.57 “This Is Your Last Chance After This There Is No Turning Back You Take The Blue Pill The Story Ends You Wake Up In Your Bed and Believe Whatever You Want To Believe.  You Take The Red Pill You Stay In Wonderland And I Show You How Deep The Rabbit-hole Goes”
GGG.                     62 “To Infinity And Beyond”          
HHH.                    11 “Toto I’ve A Feeling We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”
III.   9 “Wax On Wax Off”
JJJ.   20 “We’re All Pretty Bizarre Some Of Us Are Just Better At Hiding It That’sAll”
KKK.                     25 “What An Excellent Day For An Exorcism”
LLL.                       52 “Where’s My Super Suit”
MMM.                 35 “Whoever Saves One Life Saves The World Entire”
NNN.                     66 “Why So Serious”
OOO.                     65 “Why You Stuck Up Half-Witted Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder”
PPP.46 “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid”
QQQ.                     48 “You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat”

RRR.                     60 “A Fake ID Works Better Than A Guy Fawkes Mask”  

1.      Home Alone NN
2.      E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial L
3.      Fargo D
4.      Bambi II
5.      Field of Dreams HH
6.      Star Wars MM
7.      The Princess Bride E or S
8.      Apollo 13 V
9.      The Karate Kid III
10.  Babe ZZ
11.  The Wizard of Oz HHH
12.  Dirty Dancing QQ
13.  Peter Pan C
14.  Good Morning Vietnam Q
15.  Back to the Future UU
16.  Tangled N
17.  The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers PP
18.  Guardians of the Galaxy X
19.  Dr. Strangelove O
20.  Breakfast Club JJJ
21.  Who Framed Roger Rabbit FF
22.  The Princess Bride E or S
23.  Dr. No F
24.  Forrest Gump EE or OO
25.  The Exorcist KKK
26.  Raiders of the Lost Ark VV
27.  Up BB
28.  Predator GG
29.  300 EEE
30.  Mulan AAA
31.  Highlander BBB
32.  Jurassic Park A
33.  Star Trek First Contact TT
34.  Frozen I
35.  Schindler’s List MMM

36.  The Truman Show P
37.  Oliver! SS
38.  Mary Poppins XX
39.  Dirty Harry Z
40.  Planet of the Apes YY
41.  Conan the Barbarian H
42.  Forrest Gump EE or OO
43.  The Sixth Sense AA
44.  Monsters Inc. RR
45.  Poltergeist CCC
46.  A Christmas Story PPP
47.  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Y
48.  Jaws QQQ
49.  Finding Nemo KK
50.  Gone With The Wind M
51.  Sound of Music J
52.  The Incredibles LLL
53.  Titanic DD
54.  The Ten Commandments WW
55.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarves R
56.  Doctor Zhivago JJ
57.  The Matrix FFF
58.  Inception K
59.  Aladdin B
60.  V for Vendetta RRR
61.  Howl’s Moving Castle T
62.  Toy Story GGG
63.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off LL
64.  Casablanca U
65.  The Empire Strikes Back MM or OOO
66.  The Dark Knight NNN
67.  Thor DDD
68.  Dead Poets Society G
69.  Terminator CC
70.  Serenity W