Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Randomness #91: Continuing Inconsistencies in life

*Mica to new roommates on their first night around midnight in response to staying up and getting to know one another: "I'm old." And then she went promptly to bed.  (She was a sophomore and they were freshmen.)

     Me: We got cheated on our chicken noodle soup! (Upon the discovery of one lone noodle in the box of soup.)
     Hedgehog: No we didn't.  It's quite literal: chicken nooooodle  soup.
     (I should have noticed it was singular "noodle", not plural  "noodles".)

*  Remark at a restaurant that caused the rest of our table to erupt in laughter:  "We're all decapitated in one way or another."   (Since everyone knows that being decapitated is so close to being incapacitated. You just lose your head sometimes.)

     Response by daughter after I hung up their coat on the new coat rack after they threw it over a chair:  "Noooo, things aren't suppose to be used for their intended purpose!"

*Mica's opinion of Daisy's lackadaisical response to doing chores:"You're only a disappointment on odd days.  On other days you're just a pet peeve."

     How high mom rates on the list of importance:  "I gave you my junk e-mail address because my other e-mail address is for people I care about."

*"What!?!"  Reaction of daughter when finding out that the family stapler was also out of staples when they attempted to use it.  They had thought to use the family one instead of their own because they would have had to put in new staples.
This is also the same daughter that told me that: "If you notice your coca-cola supply going down (the case of glass bottles that are suppose to be for headaches), it's because we don't have any clean glasses and so there's nothing else to drink."

     Hedgehog: "I didn't remember to return your headphones because I was so enamored with them. They have such good sound and they block out the rest of you outside noise."

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Author #134: Springtime anytime books by April Pulley Sayre

Author April Pulley Sayre has written over several dozen books to date.  Read more about her other books at:

Just to touch quickly on a couple of books pictured below: Let's Go Nuts!  features beautiful photographs of all kinds of seeds that we eat from coconuts to lentils and Stars Beneath Your Bed tells the the story behind where dust is found, its possible composition, and how it affects the way we see sunsets and sunrises.  There's a short two page informative section in the back that tells a lot more about dust.  

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Author #133: Retro graphics in a hilarious book by Bob Staake

A laugh out loud take on pet ownership!  Perfect for book lovers of all ages!  He's done a commercial for Intel!  See it here: !  More info at: !

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Randomness #123: Trying some exotic new fruit

Wrinkly exotic fruit. Oval purple passion fruit on the left, oblong star shaped starfruit on the right.And this is how they appear when you cut them up.  The starfruit have hard seeds in the middle like an apple that we did not eat. We thought it had a slight pear taste and was crunchy like an apple.  The passion fruit has a unique taste all its own-slightly like perfume with a tangy bite.  You eat the seeds and that yellow pulp around the seeds and the juice is delicious.  The seeds are crunchy and great as a topping.  Surprisingly, passion fruit seeds are high in dietary fiber and they also have a fairly med-high phosphorus content.  And yes, this is what a ripe passion fruit should look like-wrinkled outer skin with the pulp and seeds coming away from the bitter rind on the inside.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Author #132: Shona Innes and the playground of friendship

Ahhhh....the ups and downs of friendship are covered in this cute little book called Friendship is Like a Seesaw by Shona Innes and illustrated by Irisz Agoces.  Read about more of their Big Hug Books at:   Ms. Innes uses insights gained through her experiences as a clinical and forensic psychologist to share thoughts and ideas about a range of subjects that can be emotionally challenging for kids, teens and adults.