Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Randomness #344 : Inconsistencies Pop Up Again!

* I bought a 32 pack of Hostess twinkies and cupcakes from Costco-something I buy every few years or so.  By day 2 there were only 9 of the 16 cupcakes left.  I had eaten 1, Daisy replied "What cupcakes?",  Mica said "I may have eaten 2...maybe 3.  There's still the twinkies left!"  About 10 minutes later Hedgehog comes upstairs and upon questioning her she responses with the following: "I had 2, maybe 3 and then blurts out, but there are the twinkies!"  With almost identical answers you'd think they were sisters.  So what's the obsession with the cupcakes versus the untouched twinkies?!?

*Me to Hedgehog when I had bought a large piece of fresh ginger: "The way you (hedgehog) are sniffing that raw ginger is just indecent!"
*Mica: "I stayed home from FHE (Family Home Evening with her singles ward) to read about coffee!"  (Coffee is discouraged in LDS teachings. Her reading was for a plant class.)

*Daisy, looking very proud of herself, "I had extra energy so I decided to brush my hair!" And then in true movie star style she pretended she was fluffing imaginary curls in her hair.

-Hedgehog about a former math teacher's presentation of the lesson material: "The teacher would turn off the lights for the presentation and she had a soft, soothing voice.  I usually got put in the back of the classroom so it was quite the struggle (to stay awake!).

-Mica: "Answering physics questions online is like slots.  You're like, 'let it be the right one...come on..., come on..., Yes! when it's the right answer and grumbling when it's not and you have to try again."

*Comments from Hedgehog from a past class about herself and another ginger student and the teacher using examples to make points about slavery: "Myself and the other ginger would be the slaves because we would stick out in a crowd.  If we had a baby it's hair would be the perfect color.  She (the teacher) would take the children with that perfect ginger hair color (for slavery)."

*Daisy commenting after swimming a few laps with me: "I have insect legs." "What?!?"  "I have insect legs-you know, they are thin and stick-like, insect legs!"

-Mica upon pressure from a religious activity to encourage more dating: "For the dating box I could just say I'm already in a relationship.  I just wouldn't say with what or whom."  She continued with this statement: "Right now I want to be in a relationship with more sleep."

*Daisy upon getting a Herbst appliance as part of her braces treatment: "It's like the chamber of secrets in here with all the twists and turns and corners."

(DISCLAIMER: Many of these instances happened in the past-for example, Daisy brushes her hair now with daily regularity and the teacher events are definitely in the past.  But some things are likely not to change.  Hedgehog would probably still be happy sniffing ginger.  I sometimes wonder if she buys exotic spices and teas just because she likes the scents. And answering homework questions online is still a dicey business sometimes.)

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